Universities and research institutions to elevate the real-world impact of research:

  • Enhance research design with unique insights from lived experience and interdisciplinary perspectives.

  • Cultivate meaningful partnerships and stakeholder advisory groups for community-based participatory research (CBPR) projects.

  • Advise on strategies that improve study recruitment and results dissemination to communities and networks.

  • Provide flexible, qualified, professional support for research teams, such as managing groups of authors, writing grant proposals, and designing research protocols.

community-based organizations and Social Enterprises to identify best practices:

  • Improve policy analysis and program evaluation by incorporating lived experience perspectives.

  • Design and conceptualize education and knowledge translation initiatives that increase community empowerment.

  • Develop high quality/high impact mixed methods program evaluation plans for local initiatives.

  • Evaluate the impact of community-based services and organizational practices on service user outcomes

governments and NGOs to utilize state-of-the-art scientific and technical approaches:

  • To identify instruments and measures to demonstrate the impacts of services.

  • Assist practitioners to design program evaluation so results are relevant to stakeholders and systems.

  • Help peer-run organizations and grassroots initiatives design and implement methods to determine useful measures to report service effectiveness to funders and the public.

  • Advise health-related start-ups on innovating in patient-centered healthcare systems.